4 Types of Incense to Choose From

You must have encountered the mysterious odor in some of the restaurants which are all-round their tenor. The fragrance makes you feel relaxed and lightweight. Each incense has a different effect. Though do you want to know the 4 best types of incense?

Incense burning provides a soothing effect and each type of aroma has a distinct impact on the human body. Right incense type enhances the good vibes in the surrounding. The whiff of odor can uplift the soul.

In today's topic, we have determined what type of fragrance is good? Have you ever thought about which is good for you? So, Read On to know the 4 types of incense to Choose From!

What do you know about Incense?

It is believed that the use of incense comes from around six thousand years. Incense is essential in the divine ritual of every religion. Incense is the biological thing that releases scented smoke when it is flicker. Natural oils and plants are used to manufacture it.

Incense term comes from Latin “incendere” which means “flare”. Its general use of it is to establish a good mood and release a pleasant fragrance. In the medical field Incense work in meditation, mental healing, etc. Egyptians were the ones who use it for the first time for tombs purification, to scare the demons away.

What are the types of incense?

Generally, incense has two different types which are described below:


Indirect Incense burning:

Indirect burning need to lose adhesive which needs its heat source to flame the material continuously. Indirect Incense burning is mostly used in the modern age.

Direct Incense Burning:

Direct Incense needs to be burned once and then it will blow for a while. A glowing residue is formed that will make it flicker and produce pleasant smoke. It is made on a stick to keep it uphold.

Incense usually comes in four different shapes because the duration of its burning depends on it.

They are briefly described in the following section:



Stick incense burning time is not much. They are common in China, India, Japan, and Tibet. Different religion has distinct manufacturing and forms for Incense. Further, it comes in types such as:

  • Stick incense Bamboo core.
  • Cylinder incense stick.


The cone's incense is common during meditation or yoga. It is made from natural oil and powder that release the scents which make the entire room filled with a pleasant smell. The cone incense needs to be placed on a proper burner to keep the ash on hold during flickering.



Coil incense is in the form of coils, also refer as Incense spirals. It is the modification in sticks Incense. It Is made of incense material (amber, sandalwood) and wraps around in the form of a spiral rather than a stick.


Powder incense is the powder form of incense material solely. It adds in the burning charcoal disk in some bowl. When it is burned with charcoal gives the fragrance.


Incense is part of the history of various countries, and religions and is used for the same purpose just in different forms. Solely, there are two types but incense comes in four types and each type of the incense has its benefits.

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