About Us

Abdul Karim (Karim Bhai), the creator and driving force of HSA Perfumes started Hassan Shahin Ahmed Perfumes LLC in 1982. He fostered HSA Perfumes from its foundation to its pinnacle, taking it up steadfastly at every step.​

He found a hobby which turned to a passion and into a flourishing business; all with his guiding principles: hard work, honesty, perseverance, precision and discipline. These principles can also be found into every product at HSA Perfumes, which has been crafted by him and followed by his employees. 

For every product, pre-made or custom made, highest quality standard and consistency is adhered to at the most possible level. This reflects in how much our customers of different backgrounds, appreciate and treasure our products.

Deriving meaning from the Arabic word origins for “Hassan” - Benefactor/Benefactress, “Shahin” - Hawk, metaphor for Sharp and Precise and “Ahmed” - The Most Praised, the brand “HSA Perfumes” (North America) or “Hassan Shahin Ahmed” stands to represent people from every run of life, making a difference, patiently and meticulously, to be more and do more for themselves and for others around the world. 

Our success and motivation lies in our motto

Our brand, thanks to its founder and the devoted support of “Amaar Maanush - আমার লোক”, has expanded to new waters and continues to grow and evolve, to serve our customers and share our love for fragrances from the heart of Dubai!