7 Amazing Incense Facts About Arabian cologne

Perfume is the outcome of the mixture of savory material in an accurate portion. Wearing perfume is just like magic and its spell, it works on both the person who is wearing it and others. Are you interested to know 7 amazing Incense Facts About Arabian cologne?

The perfume originates in the golden age lay in the world of incantation to keep the unseen things away from sacred places. The first scent develops with the use of Incense Per Fumumi “smoke” for God worshiping. 

Arabian cologne has some kind of luxurious impact and it is believed the wearers left the fragrance behind as they pass by. Moreover, we are hooked to it, and below we have listed 7 amazing Incense facts about Arabian Cologne.

What is Arabian Cologne?

The term cologne is the old name for “perfume”. Arabian cologne is alcohol-free, and wood and saffron are the ones that are used to make Arabian Cologne. Attar (concentrated oil), Oud perfumes, Bakhoorud matter, and Incense are popular in Arabian Cologne.


In Islamic tradition, Bakhoor is commonly used because it is connected with the Prophet’s movement all along from Makkah to Madinah and he appreciated Bakhoor and slogans.

Arabian Cologne 7 amazing Incense facts

There are many myths and beliefs about Arabian Cologne. Below we have listed 7 amazing Incense facts about it.

  • Arabian Cologne or fine scents made from greater than 100 ingredients. The perfume has three notes, the top note must be a refreshing, eruptive aroma, the middle note gives the character of perfume while the base note needs to be preserved.
  • The dominant odor in the perfume is the one that classified it such as the spicy mixture made up of carnation, clove, cinnamon, etc.
  • In the bible, the perfume reference must be found and Greek might take the first perfume credit but the distilled liquid made by Arabs, and that’s why perfume is famous in the world.
  • World's largest bottle of Cologne is about 616.18 Liter, and on 22 January 2019, it was taken by Dejan Levačić (Croatia) in Čakovec, Međimurje, Croatia.
  • It was believed that perfumery was lost during the descend of the Roman empire, while 711 and 827 were recreated, during the muslin conquering of Spain and southern Italy.
  • The scents of perfume change all day because of the notes in it. When it was made the combination of skin and ingredients make it evolve with time.
  • It is believed that perfume needs to be used for about 3 to 5 years because its formation changes with time. When the bottle opens and makes a contact with air it needs to be used within 3 years. As the perfume becomes old the fragrance will be different.

Arabian cologne is made of many raw materials and Incense is popular scent. Arabians were the ones that makes the distilled liquid and enhances the use of scent in ancient times. I hope you feel impeccable to read about 7 amazing Incense facts of Arabian Cologne we have jotted in the article. 

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